How to Contact CHR

Mission Statement

The Community Health Representative Program (CHR) is housed in the Myaamia Wellness Center, located at 54525 East 65 Rd., Miami, Oklahoma 74354. It provides in-house health screenings at the Myaamia Community Center and in-home screenings as needed. This program is funded through Indian Health Services (IHS) which also funds the Miami area IHS Clinic. The CHR works with the clinic to provide an extension of care to the Indian people it serves.

These services are handled personally, through referrals, helping with Medicare Part D, and other services, as needed. Some non-emergency transport is provided to assist clients with area doctor's appointments. This program interacts with the Title VI Program in using much of the same client base, along with home visits to Miami Nation members, as needed.

The CHR has the opportunity to interact with the clients one-on-one and more health concerns may be revealed than on a doctor’s visit when one is rushed. Many clients have shown signs of a condition, were referred to a physician, and now are managing that condition.