aya ceeki mihtohseenionka,kweesitoolaanki

Welcome to the official website of the
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma!

This website serves two purposes: virtual community connectivity and education. It is our great hope that contents supplied herein will be of direct benefit to all myaamia citizens, and to those who visit this site as guests. Our culture and language identify us as the downstream people. The care and guidance of our elders, revitalization of our Tribal culture, traditions and customs. The return of our heritage language brings life and breath to all that we do. kiiloona myaamiaki, we are myaamiaki.


Phot by Jonathan Fox

Akima with opening remarks at the Myamiaki Conference at Miami University, Ohio.

Photo by Jonathan Fox

Student round table at the Myaamiaki Conference at Miami University, Ohio.

Photo by Tina Fox

Learning how to make a shawl at the Cultural Resources Extension Office (CREO) Fall Celebration..

Photo by Karen Baldwin

First Council Person Tera Hatley and tribal member Jennifer Patrick staying cool during Games Day 2018.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Honoring artist Eugene Brown at the Myaamia Heritage Museum and Archive.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Playing lacrosse at Saakaciweeta noošonki(Miami,OK).

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Saakaciweeta kiihkayonki(Ft. Wayne,IN)

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Stomp Skirt making at the Longhouse.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

eewansaapita noošonke(Miam,OKi).

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Eewansaapita kiihkayonki( Ft. Wayne,IN). 

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Playing some lacrosse at the 2018 Cultural Resources Extension Office(CREO) Summer Celebration.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Chief's language challenge during Family Day 2018.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Opening the 2018 General Council with a song.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Akima handing out prizes to the tiny tots powwow competitors at the 2018 Annual Powwow.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Miami Tribal Princesses at the 2018 Annual Powwow.

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Ribbonwork Craft project at the Cultural Resources Extension Office (CREO) Spring Celebration. 

Photo by Jonathan M. Fox

Cultural Resources Extension Office Myaamia New Years 2018. 

Photo by Jonathan M. Fox

Scott Willard curling at Miami University,Ohio. Future Olympian? 

Photo by Karen Baldwin

Gary Shoemaker Gourd Dancing at the 2018 Winter Gathering.

Photo by Jonathan M. Fox

Winter Stomp Dance 2018

Photo by Karen Baldwin
2018 Winter Stroytellers

Photo by Doug Peconge

Celebrate the New Year. Monthly Cultural Resources Office (CRO) meetings in Miami, Ok. 
wiiyaakiteeheelo weehki-kihkatwe

Photo by Doug Peconge

Learning the finer points of mahkisina meehkintiinki from Jarrid Baldwin at the Washington State cultural workshop.

Photo by Doug Peconge

Parents and Grandparents learning how to play the seenseewinki(bowl game) during parents day at eewansaapita.

Photo by Doug Peconge

Joshua Sutterfield discussing myaamionki during a Cultural Resources Office's (CRO) monthly meeting in Miami,OK

Photo by Doug Peconge
2018 Kansas Workshop in Louisburg Kansas

Photo by Doug Peconge

Learning to play mahkisina meehkintiinki at Cultural workshop in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Photo by Doug Peconge

Fall Gathering 2018 in Louisburg Kansas 

Winter Gathering 2019

23rd Miami Winter Gathering

January 26, 2019

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Council Building

2319 Newman Road, Miami, OK


Head Gourd Dancer: Lee Lawhead - Cherokee, Pamunkey

Head Singer: Damian Blackfox - Cherokee, Shawnee, Peoria

Emcee: Steve Kinder - Wea

Arena Director: Jeff (Dude) Blalock - Peoria, Shawnee


Contact Information:

Miami Tribe Headquarters: 918-541-1300

Julie Olds (918) 541-3131 jolds@miamination.com

Joshua Sutterfield (918) 325-0107 jsutterfield@miamination.com

Vendors contact Tera Hatley (918) 919-1444 thatley@miamination.com

Website: www.miamination.com

Facebook: MiamiNation Events


NO drugs, alcohol or firearms permitted. Not responsible for accidents.