How to Contact Tribal Headquarters

Miami Nation Business Committee


Chief Douglas G Lankford

niišonaminki akima

Second Chief Dustin Olds


Secretary-Treasurer Donya Williams


First Councilperson Tera Hatley


Second Councilperson Scott Willard
From left: Tera Hatley, First Councilperson; Dustin Olds, Second Chief; Douglas Lankford, Chief; Donya Williams, Secretary-Treasurer; Scott Willard, Second Councilperson

Tribal Grievance Committee

The Miami Nation General Council also elects a Tribal Grievance Committee. Those currently serving are:

Committee Member
Chuck North
Committee Member
Nate Poyfair
Committee Member
Kolby Lankford
Committee Member
Shelva Sooter
Committee Member
Michael P. Watson

Tribal Ambassador & Princess

Shannera McCoy

Junior Princess

Sophie Olds