Geboe House

In June 2013, Akima Kitasaakana Awiiki (Chief David Geboe?s House), was listed as a Miami Tribe Historic Property on the Miami Tribal Register of Historic Properties. The house was constructed sometime during the late 1800s and served as the Geboe family home. On Saturday, January 25, 2014, Geboe family members gathered from around the country to participate in a formal dedication. 

The Geboe House, along with the Drake House, survives as one of the few remaining allotment-era homes in Ottawa County. The house sits on the west bank of Four Mile Creek on 30 Road. It is located northwest of downtown Miami, on the same road as the tribal cemetery. John Cunningham and his crew performed the restoration of both the interior and exterior of the home, which was intended to replicate the physical appearance of the house as it would have appeared in the early years of the allotment era.

The Cultural Resource Office, together with the Business Committee and tribal staff, are working to implement restoration plans for the house and the adjoining property. The adjoining property is being developed to provide for ecological/ecosystem restorations. It will include space for environmental education, camping and other related outdoor activities for our whole community with a primary focus on our Eewansaapita Summer Educational Experience. 



Mrs. Peggy McCord was the last of seven generations of Geboe descendants to live in the home. She and her husband Bill resided in the home until sometime in the late 1990?s.