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Miami Nation Emergency Management

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Myaamia Emergency Management Department (MEMD) is to ensure the levels of protection necessary for life, property and the safety of Miami Nation Tribal members, employees, visitors and customers. The department is responsible for the development and maintenance of an integrated Tribal capability to prepare for, mitigate against, respond to and recover from the consequences of major disasters and emergencies regardless of cause. This department works in partnership with other Tribal, Federal, State and local agencies, volunteer organizations and the private sector.


MEMD was created in 2013 to address emergency preparedness issues given the high potential for natural disasters related to the geographical location of Tribal Headquarters and related infrastructure. The MEMD also works to provide resources, planning and educational opportunities to support the physical security of Tribal buildings and employees. The MEMD plans for and covers a wide range of natural and man caused incidents.

The Myaamia Emergency Response Team (MERT) is comprised of Tribal employees and members who are interested in becoming a rapid response team to address the immediate needs of Tribal property and lives in the event of a natural disaster. Preliminary training began in the Spring of 2015 under the guidance of the Oklahoma Emergency Response Team with the goal of creating a state-accredited team capable of performing a wide array of duties and responsibilities in a disaster zone. The response zone for the MERT is Ottawa County as well as Delaware (OK), Craig (OK), Crawford (KS), Jasper (MO), Newton (MO). The team will support operations for Tribal member families, as well as the general public in the event of a natural disaster.

For More Information

If you are interested in more information about the Emergency Management Department or becoming a member of MERT, please contact:

Scott Willard Emergency Manager swillard@miamination.com 918-541-2178