Fall Campout - Miami Oklahoma

Fall Campout Details

October 11th campers can begin to arrive and setup in the morning. camp will break on Sunday October 13th and campsites will need to be vacated by 6pm that evening.

This is a community event,  all meals will be prepared by the campers and everyone will eat together as well.  The Tribe will provide lunch and dinner. However, campers are requested to bring the following items to help supplement meals: Package of bacon, or sausage, one dozen eggs, one bag of potato chips. Camper, if they choose can donate the following: tomatoes, lettuce, sandwich cheese, onions, pickles, condiments, fruit, desserts, and anything else they deem worthy of a campout.

There are restrooms on site but there are no showers. Showers facilities are available off-site as needed. You will need to provide your own towels. Tribal police will be present for your safety.

Drugs, alcohol, and firearms are prohibited at this event.

Watch the tribal website and social media page for any changes to this event do to inclement weather.

RSVP's are due by September 30th, 2019. Click here to RSVP or email thatley@miamination.com 

Got Questions? contact Tera Hatley at 918-541-1300