Child Care/CCDF

Leonard Center Building

Mission Statement

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Office strives to provide the best quality childcare funding assistance possible to our Native American community, through the CCDF Grant Program. Assisting low-income families with the cost of childcare so that parents and guardians may work or obtain an education is the primary goal of the CCDF program.

The objective of the Child Care Development Funding Program (CCDF) is to increase the availability, affordability, and quality of child care services. Such activities enable Native American families to maintain or achieve self-sufficiency through employment and training and to increase their earnings.

In order to qualify for this program, individuals must reside at least 100 miles from the tribal headquarters, be a member of a federally recognized tribe, be working or attending school and fit within an income guideline level according to their household size. The documentation needed to complete this process includes: birth certificates, immunizations, tribal enrollment cards, social security cards for the entire family, a utility bill for address verification and 3 check stubs for each wage earner in the household. After documentation has been submitted and a CCDF application has been completed, eligibility is then determined and a co-payment amount is set according to the income of the family and household size. The parent is responsible for a co-payment amount and CCDF becomes responsible for the remainder of the child care costs.

Each family determines which childcare provider best suits the needs of their family. However, the childcare provider must be a state or tribally licensed facility or home in order to receive CCDF subsidy. When funding is available, assistance is also given to childcare providers for training, health and safety grants and other supplies and equipment to help ensure the best learning environment and atmosphere for our Native American children.

The CCDF program is located at 202 South Eight Tribes Trail (formerly Tribal Headquarters) in Miami, Oklahoma.
The mailing address for the program is P.O. Box 579 Miami, OK 74355.

For further information or questions you may contact the center by email or by calling
(918) 541-1300.
Tracy Rogers, Child Care Services Manager
Tiffany Millhollin, Intake Clerk