Cultural Resources Extension Office

CREO Winter 2016

In November of 2015, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma purchased 10 acres of land in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This property is to be utilized for historic preservation of the Tribe's homelands while providing cultural programming to its citizens in Indiana. Kiihkayonkki, which was located in what today is known as Fort Wayne, was one of the largest Miami villages. The Cultural Resources Extension Office (CREO) is supported by two staff members. Diane Hunter the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Doug Peconge the Assistant Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Community Programming Manager.

The (CREO) promotes the knowledge of myaamia history, language, culture, and traditions. The office forwards community development in the myaamia ancestral homelands through serving local Miami Tribal citizens in Indiana, working with local governments and organizations to maintain and protect our Tribal sovereignty and our cultural identity. The CREO forwards the goals of the Miami Nation in Indiana.

Cultural Resources Extension Office Goals

CREO Staff