Elder Medical Benefits


The Elder Benefit Program reimburses tribal elders 65 years and older up to $500 per fiscal year for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Out-of-pocket medical expenses that are reimbursable under this program are those that are medically necessary, but not covered by insurance, or if no insurance coverage is present. Office visit co-pays (medical, dental, vision, chiropractic), prescription co-pays, medical equipment (such as blood-glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, etc.),eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures are examples of the out-of-pocket medical expenses that can be reimbursed through this program.


Using Your Elder Benefit

  • This program runs on fiscal year, which begins October 1st and ends September 30th of each year.
  • Each participant must submit an enrollment application to receive his or her card. Each year, participants must resubmit an application to reload card.
  • Only actual charges are eligible for reimbursement. Please do not submit copies of checks, cancelled checks, copies of money orders, or receipts from the purchase of money orders for reimbursement under this program.
  • $500 is the maximum benefit allowable per tribal member, per fiscal year.

Medical Benefit Application Plan