Drake House

After the removal of the Miami Tribe from their Kansas lands to the Indian Territory in the late 1880s, the Tribe's reserve area was broken up into individual allotments and deeded to individual Tribal members. On these lands, Miami people used annuity funds to construct homes and barns and to purchase equipment for farming their lands.

Drake House
The Drake House is an original allotment home, built circa 1885 by Miami Tribal member Jane Drake. It is listed on the Miami Nation Register of Historic Places.

There are few of these "allotment homes" still standing in the Miami jurisdiction area, and among those remaining only one has been preserved in a condition suitable for use. The allotment home of myaamia woman Jane Pigeon Drake, known as siipiihkwa?River Woman, was originally a T-shaped two story farm house. The large home was designed to house Jane and Milton Drake's family of 13 children.

Sometime in the late 1920s, after the Drake Family had moved away, the home was damaged by what many believe to have been a tornado, and the entire north wing was removed leaving a long narrow structure.

In 2005 the Miami Tribe purchased the home from private owners who had taken care to bring the home back to a liveable standard with a new roof, new plumbing and all new electrical wiring. Since purchsing the home, the Tribal Traditions Committee has been vested with the oversight of continued restoration and the Nation's Cultural Resources Office provides pertinent cultural and historic information to support the accurate restoration.

In June of 2006 the Miami Nation hosted an Open House and dedication ceremony as the Drake House was added to the Tribal Registry of Historic Places, maintained by the Nation's Tribal Historic Preservation Office. All living descendents of Jane Pigeon Drake were invited as special guests for the event and over twenty eight (28) made the trip home in memory of their family ancestry and to support the Nation in working to preserve the home.

Today the Miami Nation maintains the Drake Home as a guest house. The home has three spacious bedrooms named after the three regions of Miami homelands, Indiana/Great Lakes, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

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